What can Mr. DCC do for you?

Based on 50 years amateur radio experience and college education in electronic engineering and a decade of DCC system and decoder installations, Bruce Petrarca is available to help you over the rough spots!

DCC consulting

Working from his knowledge base and industry contacts, Bruce can help you get going quickly and efficiently. A few dollars spent here may save HOURS and DOLLARS later.

Phone or eMail consultation

I work in UNITS. One UNIT is an eMail exchange on a subject or 10 minutes of phone time or FaceTime (Apple users).

UNITS are $5 each or a twelve pack for $50.

If you purchase a 12 pack and choose to use it for phone time or FaceTime, I'll bill in 1/2 unit (5 minute) increments.


$35 per hour.

In Person

Rates are reasonable - contact Bruce for a quote.

Layout design

Bruce is an operator (he prefers car-cards and waybills), not a caboose chaser. He and his friends can help you make you layout efficient from both a DCC standpoint and track plan viewpoint. Rates are reasonable - contact Bruce for a quote.

Apple users!

Bruce is now available on FaceTime for consultation and assistance. Contact Bruce for details.

NCE Radio conversions

With the release of the Cab06, NCE has abandoned the "one size fits all" cab radio board concept. They now have seven different radio boards, depending upon what model and age cab is being converted. They have made a strategic decision to bring all conversions in-house. So, Bruce can no longer offer quick-turnaround radio services. Sorry!

Innovative DCC and sound installations

With all the installations that Bruce has done or consulted on in the last decade, just another installation doesn't trip his trigger. However, he loves a challenge. Are you looking for that something extra?

  • How about a parlor car with lights, a poker game and sound?
  • A church on your layout with gospel hymns being performed?
  • An Intricate diorama with automation and, perhaps, sound?

Challenge Bruce and see what he can work out for you. Contact Bruce for a quote.

If you compare, make certain that all folks subscribe to the Workmanship Standards that Bruce initiated!

How do I pay for Mr. DCC's services?

Bruce has a PayPal account. The easiest and quickest method is for you to make payment that way. You can use a PayPal balance or any major credit card through PayPal. PayPal checks are NOT a good idea. Just like a paper check, nothing happens until the check clears, but PayPal takes their percentage out of the transaction, so we both loose!

Cashier's or Bank checks and Money Orders, work, too!

Personal checks will result in a 10 day delay. If you want to go this way, think about sending the check ahead of time. It can be running through the banking system while Bruce is doing the work. He really hates to do this, but the only time he has been burned was when a customer of Litchfield Station sent him a check and Bruce sent the product immediately upon receipt of the check. As soon as the shipping notice went out by eMail, the SOB stopped payment on the check. Since then, Bruce has insisted on the 10 day delay. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Contact Bruce with you needs and ideas.

How do I ship to Mr. DCC?

Contact Bruce to verify the correct address for your shipment.


Then you need to pack your pet units carefully in the original boxes with the original constraints and padding. Tape the original boxes closed and pack them in another box withAT LEAST 2 inches of protection (foam peanuts or bubble pack or air pillows) aroundALL SIDES of the original box. WHY? See this photo. This is a packaged received by Mr. DCC. The contents were just fine, thanks to the fact that the shipper followed our suggestions.


  • We warranty our installation labor for 90 days.
  • Parts with manufacturing defects will need to be handled by the manufacturers themselves.
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