overviewFeb 28, 2005


  1. 678-885014 Tsunami2 DCC sound decoder
  2. SP-16x35-08 Speaker
  3. 269-9513 Styrene black sheet  6 x 12 inches x 0.02 thick
  4. Nano-Oil 5, 10 & 85 wt
  5. Never Stall

After several different setups, Bruce has finally settled on this as the quickest, best sounding installation for these popular locos.

These photo graphs were of a mid-era installtion that Bruce did. After he had found the easy way to do this loco, while the DSD-100LC series decoders were the mainstay of SoundTraxx. Later they were replaced wiht the Tsunami TSU1000AT series of decoders. As of 2020, the decoder of choice would be the TSU-PNP Tsunami2 board. Physically they are all similar, but read the instructions for connection information. There are differences.

Also, these days, Bruce would replace the bulbs with LEDs. There is a nice 3mm 12V LED that can directly replace the bulbs. Unlike the bulbs, the LEDs are polarity sensitive, so check the polarity of your decoder and connect the anode (+) terminal of the LED to the +12V or BLUE terminal on the decoder.

The speaker enclosure is created through the shell of the locomotive. The speaker is glued to the rear weight and supported in the very back with a piece of styrene. The positive pressure (sound waves coming off the cone of the speaker) get routed out the rear truck area. The negative pressure (sound waves coming off the magnet side of the speaker) get routed above the decoder and out the front truck area.

side view

The decoder board installs in place of the Atlas light board. 



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