kato ac4400cw 828046 2Jan 23, 2009

HO sound Kato AC4400CW Parts

  1. 678-828046 TSU-AT1000 Tsunami DCC decoder for GE FDL16
    [2020 note, use Tsunami2, part number 678-885014.]
  2. SP-28R-08 Speaker
  3. Resistor metal-film  1K ohm 1/8 watt Qty = 2
  4. Washer #6 Nylon Qty = 2
  5. Nano-Oil 5, 10 & 85 wt
  6. Never Stall

The release of the TSU-AT1000 decoder allowed an update to the installation examples to cover this decoder.

This is a fairly straight forward installation:

  • Remove the factory light board
  • Remove the factory LEDs from the factory light board
  • Install the factory LEDs with 1 K ohm resistors on the Tsunami
  • Screw the Tsunami down to the motor - insulate with nylon screws (the photo shows white styrene instead)
  • Put the speaker in the fuel tank and rout wires up to the decoder
  • Wire the track pick ups and the motor to the decoder

Sound Quality - While the speaker enclosure mechanism is NOT what Bruce would design, it works just FINE! Not to worry - follow the directions. Except, Bruce sees no reason for using a gasket - the speaker snaps into the Kato enclosure. Question - why didn’t Kato mold holes for the speaker wires into the enclosure?

Lighting - When programming the Tsunami, set the light type to LEDs and you are golden (white LEDs)!



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