April 7, 2006

HO Athearn Genesis SD70MAC Sound Parts

  1. 678-885024 SoundTraxx Tsunami2 DCC sound decoder with EMD2 sounds [2020 update]

  2. SP-16x35-04, Qty = 2 of 16 x 35 mm speaker 4 ohms

  3. Nano-Oil 5, 10 & 85 wt

  4. Never Stall

This great looking and running loco can sound good, too.

The Atlas style light board is replaced with the Soundtraxx decoder. Now that the Tsunamis2 is available in the Atlas light board version, that is what is shown in the parts list. This photo has the circa 2006 LC-series decoder in it. The Tsunami2 will look a bit different, but the installation is virtually identical.

This unit has room enough for two speakers to fire out through the top grilles, so Bruce used two 16 x 35 4-ohm speakers in series.

As of the reposting of this on his site in 2020, Bruce recommends replacing the 1.5v bulbs with 0603 LEDs.


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